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To deliver professional, candid, independent counsel and full-spectrum legal capabilities to command and the warfighter.
The Peterson-Schriever Garrison Legal Office has adjusted its legal services due to COVID-19:
  • Wills, notaries, and powers of attorney are by appointment only 
  • All non-will legal assistance will be handled by phone/email unless it is not feasible to provide advice through these media
  • Please note that our current legal assistance posture is subject to change based on P-S GAR’s current public health guidance. Please contact our front desk or org box at P_SGAR.ja@us.af.mil, to get the most recent COVID-19 policies.
Legal Assistance Services


  • Basic will – explains what you would like to happen to your body and property in the event of your death, and designates an executor (also known as a personal representative) to carry out your wishes.  If you are a parent with minor or dependent children, it allows you to designate a guardian for your children.
  • Living will – explains your desires regarding life-sustaining medical treatment if you are terminally ill, in a persistent vegetative state, or near death; also known as an advanced healthcare directive.
Powers of Attorney

Power of Attorney – allows another person to act on your behalf and handle your business, legal, medical, or personal affairs.  If you are unable to act for yourself due to an assignment or a TDY, consider using a power of attorney.

  • General – gives another person broad authority to act on your behalf and handle your affairs.
  • Special – a limited power of attorney that allows another person to act on your behalf or handle your affairs only in a specific instance or for a specific purpose (e.g. selling your car or home, paying your taxes, shipping your household goods, obtaining medical care for your children, or making medical decisions for your pet).
  • Medical – allows another person to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make them yourself, usually as a result of a medical condition (e.g. a coma).
To get started with creating your will or power of attorney:
  1. Go to https://aflegalassistance.law.af.mil/lass/lass.html
  2. Click on “Legal Worksheets”
  3. Click on “Create Will and Advance Medical Directive Worksheet” and/or “Create Power of Attorney (POA) Worksheet”
  4. Follow the instructions on the website
  5. After you complete your will worksheet you will be provided a ticket number for that document; retain the ticket numbers for each document as you will need to provide them when you make your appointment
  6. Call 719-556-4871 (Peterson) or 719-567-5050 (Schriever) to schedule an appointment with an attorney
  7. You will meet with your assigned attorney at the legal office to finalize and execute the will and/or power of attorney


  • If you are married, separate worksheets should be completed for you and your spouse.
  • Individuals obtaining a will should allow a minimum of one hour and couples should allow a minimum of one and a half hours (1.5).
  • General and special powers of attorney can be completed at the legal office front desk; medical powers of attorney require meeting with an attorney and can be completed during a will appointment.
Legal Assistance
  • In addition to the above, our offices are available to assist military families and retirees with legal issues regarding: SCRA (Servicemember Civil Relief Act) and USERRA (Uniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act); family law (separations, divorce, child custody, adoptions), consumer law, probate law, immigration/naturalization law, landlord-tenant law, taxation and crime victim assistance. (Not an exhaustive list)
  • Members should first visit https://www.courts.state.co.us/Self_Help/Index.cfm for information, instructions and self-help forms, before contacting the legal office to consult with an attorney.  Members can also visit the El Paso County Bar Association webpage to check availability for free or low-cost legal assistance at https://www.elpasocountybar.org/public-resourc.

The links provided are for informational purposes only.  Federal endorsement is not intended or implied. The USAF does not verify the validity of the content of these websites.


  • Our office does not represent members in court proceedings for any legal matters. 
  • Our office does not assist with criminal matters or represent airmen who are facing adverse administrative actions (e.g. LOC/A/Rs, Article 15s, Discharges). For assistance with these types of matters, contact the Area Defense Counsel (ADC) at DSN 834-7611 or Comm 719-556-7611.