Community Engagement

The Peterson SFB Community Engagement team's goal is to foster positive relations and maintain a reputation as a trusted community partner as well as a respected, professional organization charged with responsibility for national security.

Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station & Peterson SFB Tours
Peterson-Schriever Garrison appreciates your interest in a tour of Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station and/or Peterson SFB, however, we cannot support any public tours of either installation. 

Since 2011, only a handful of public tours are supported if they are deemed at the highest possible value of orienting a particular group to know the installation’s mission and operations.  

The security vetting, staff escorts, sanitizing and pausing of sensitive material within the tour route puts a strain on manpower and real-world operations.  We just don’t have the resources to support all of the tours we would like.

We very much appreciate your interest and would love to highlight the incredible mission our Airmen are able to perform while educating you and your group on the great deal of work that is required to keep watch over North America. 

In light of this situation, we recommend you look to our Peterson Space Force Base Museum. There they can offer an in depth tour of our base’s air park and educate your group on the rich history of Peterson SFB and Cheyenne Mountain SFS.  They can be reached by visiting www.petemuseum.org or calling them at 719-556-8314.

If you wish to speak with our community engagement chief concerning this decision, please call 719-556-5185.

Professional Organizations
We are often contacted by individuals looking to get involved in local community events. For those looking to get involved with professional organizations across the Front Range, please visit http://frproorgs.com/. Those who are interested can also contact Peterson Space Force Base's volunteer coordinator at 719-556-6141. 


High Frontier Honor Guard
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Noise Complaints
As a part of being a good neighbor, we strive to make sure our communications between the local Colorado Springs community and the base are accessible and transparent. 

If you have a noise complaint, contact Public Affairs office at 719-556-5185.  If possible, please include the location and time of incident, number of aircraft involved, flight direction, and description of the aircraft involved (color, markings, engine location, size, etc.).

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