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  • Spotlight on justice

    PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Base legal officials recently announced nonjudicial punishment actions for October 2009.A staff sergeant assigned to the 21st Medical Operations Squadron received nonjudicial punishment for a violation of Article 86, Uniform Code of Military Justice, Failure to Go; Article 111, UCMJ, Drunken Driving; and Article
  • Lobos have a field day at local elementary school

    Fourteen members of the 76th Space Control Squadron volunteered to assist McAuliffe Elementary School Oct. 1 with its annual field day in Colorado Springs. The volunteers manned several sports stations around the school campus. Approximately 300 students in kindergarten to fifth grade participated in the day's events, which included a Frisbee toss,
  • Wounded warrior not defined by disability

    Retired Army Sgt. 1st Class Dana Bowman had been around the world with his Special Forces unit. He had been in the thick of invasions in Granada and Panama. He was a jumper, a skier and a diver. So, when he woke up in a hospital bed without his legs after a parachute training mission gone badly, he had to make a decision. "I was subjected to being
  • H1N1 and seasonal flu: What to do if you get sick

    The Center for Disease Control expects the H1N1 flu to cause many illnesses in the United States, along with seasonal flu. The following information is what people need to know if they have H1N1 or seasonal flu. Some of the symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, fatigue, and sometimes
  • Wing civilian wins 14th Air Force award

    A 21st Space Wing Director of Staff civilian recently won a 14th Air Force quarterly award. Ms. LJ Van Belkum, 21st Space Wing deputy inspector general, loves when she can help someone find a resolution to a conflict. That passion in her work is among many reasons she was named 14th Air Force civilian supervisor (category II) of the second quarter.
  • The president, contemptuous speech and the military

    With the recent uptick in heated political discussion, particularly about the health care debate and economic issue, it may be necessary to give some general guidance about restrictions on uniformed military members' contemptuous speech that which criticizes Congress and the president. These restrictions extend to all servicemembers, enlisted or
  • Critical Days of Summer ends with higher percentage of reported mishaps, 'near misses'

    The 2009 Critical Days of Summer came to a close Sept. 7. How did the 21st Space Wing do? What were the statistics? The "stats" are endless and can be delivered in countless formats: off-duty versus on-duty, lost workdays, mishap rate percentages, category breakouts, and etc. Judging from the statistics, the 21st SW can do better. This summer, the
  • Helping survivors learn to breathe again

    Funneling her energy between her job as chief of program control for the 21st Comptrollers Squadron and her volunteer work, Debbie Lombardi is living proof of how to give and live more by devoting time to an organization that benefits directly from the annual Combined Federal Campaign. Ms. Lombardi has volunteered many hours for a CFC organization
  • Don’t let local water quality go down the drain

    This summer, Peterson Air Force Base experienced abnormally high rain fall totals. In terms of water quality, this means storm water runoff is potentially carrying various pollutants to storm drains, local creeks, streams and rivers. Storm water is rainwater (and melted snow) that runs off streets, lawns, farms, and construction and industrial
  • Golden Knight - May 2009

    Col. Stephen Whiting, 21st Space Wing commander, presented the Golden Knight Award for May to the 4th Space Control Squadron preparation/deployment team, for deploying critical assets to the AOR. The Golden Knight is awarded each month to a unit deserving of recognition for the outstanding mission support provided to the 21st Space Wing. Col. Nina

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