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  • FSS dog walk a 'howling' success

    The 21st Force Support Squadron had a howling success at its first Dog Days of Summer Dog Walk Aug. 14 at Eagle Park.More than 95 dogs and 300 family members came out to enjoy the perfect summer day with their best canine friends. The event focused on a walk route to 21st FSS facilities, including the library, education center, outdoor recreation,
  • Recycling – What can I recycle?

    Recycling at Peterson Air Force Base can be easy if you take a few seconds to think about what can and can't be recycled. Household articles like appliances, mattresses, furniture, electronic equipment -- including TVs, computers, and stereo equipment -- yard debris, used oil, car batteries and household chemicals should not be taken to the recycle
  • OSS team receives April Golden Knight award

    The Golden Knight recipient for April is the 21st Operations Support Squadron Rams. The weather, airfield operations and maintenance division flights highlighted the Rams "can-do" attitude through the renovation of base operations, Building 122. The team utilized limited funding and self-help labor to upgrade a facility built in 1954, and
  • Communications squadron holds body challenge

    The 21st Communications Squadron kicks off its body challenge June 1. Modeled after the television show "The Biggest Loser," the program will be tailored to a whole different set of goals, rather than just losing weight. "This program is about making tiny baby steps towards a more complete healthy lifestyle," said Sharon Cantwell, 21st Space Wing
  • Wing launches into critical days of summer

    Craig Denton was in shock as he lay on the side of a mountain in Hawaii with two broken legs, a black eye, cuts across one side of his face and a crushed cheek bone doctors would later say looked like a bag of crushed potato chips.He was in and out of consciousness, hearing bits of conversation. He remembers only part of the rescue, when the basket
  • In the blink of an eye

    (Editor's note: Peterson's 2nd Lt. Marc Ward was one of 20 Air Force members recently selected to participate in the Warrior Games scheduled May 10 to 14 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. About 200 wounded, ill and injured active duty, Guard and Reserve members, as well as retired personnel and veterans, from the Army, Marine
  • Peterson Airmen take time in April to discuss “it” – sexual assault

    When Kelly Addington finally told a close male friend that she had been raped, she wasn't prepared for his reaction."Who is he? Where is he? Is he dead? Is he in jail? If he's not, he's going to be," he yelled, veins throbbing in his neck.Although he meant well, his anger didn't help her, she said. It didn't make her feel safe. "It made me feel
  • Peterson’s Area Defense Counsel works for you

    All members of the Armed Forces take an oath to protect and defend the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Peterson's Area Defense Counsel works to protect the basic rights the Constitution provides, ensuring an independent and aggressive representation of Air Force members facing punitive and other adverse actions. The ADC
  • Women’s history – shaping the face of the Air Force

    Maj. Melissa May was at a holiday party with her squadron at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea, a few years ago when another officer sidled up to her."What are you doing?" he said. "You shouldn't be wearing lipstick. You need to decide, either you're a fighter pilot or you're a chick."She smiled and took that as a huge compliment, she said.It just so
  • Peterson Thrift Shop is more than bargains, it's family

    Mimi Ogden went to the Peterson Thrift Shop in search of a good bargain. She found something more.She found sisterhood, friendship and a family. "I enjoy it, to be with the ladies," said Ms. Ogden, a long-time Thrift Shop volunteer. "My husband died very young, so being a volunteer, it helps with my sanity. We have a nice group of people - it's a

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