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  • Privatization provides quality housing, maintenance

    In July, base housing will transition to privatized family housing to bring 708 new homes, a new community center and a new maintenance facility to Peterson. This change allows us to provide quality housing and maintenance at a level we've not been able to achieve for several years and promises to improve beyond what our projected funding would
  • Enlisted heritage: A force that binds us together

    Heritage, you've heard a lot of this term as a part of the Air Force's 60th anniversary celebration, but what is it? Some would say it's something someone is born to; it could be a legal inheritance, or that it is passed from generation to generation. To people in the military I believe it's much more. There are many organizations that claim
  • Blueprint 2050 provides plan for future

    During my Commander's Calls on 18 and 19 April, I discussed the Peterson 2050 Blueprint Plan - "Envisioning the Future". I wanted to provide a little more information and emphasize the importance of planning for the future. In the next 20-25 years, the city of Colorado Springs is projected to be the largest city in Colorado, surpassing Denver
  • Wing welcomes new vice commander

    There is a new face on our wing's leadership team...the new 21st Space Wing vice commander is Col. Scott F. Shepherd. Many of you may have already met him; since arriving April 4, he has been out familiarizing himself with the vast mission of the 21st Space Wing from all facets. Fortunately it won't take him long to know and understand what we do -
  • DUIs threaten mission readiness

    Since the beginning of 2007, Peterson Air Force Base has had more DUIs than all of 2006. Driving while under the influence is completely unacceptable and inconsistent with our Air Force Core Values, as well as the charge to be a good Wingman. But it goes even further than that. Driving under the influence is illegal and can cause serious injury or
  • Space Observer: Back by popular demand!

    We all know we have to work smarter not harder in today's Air Force. It is a phrase you have heard many times before and it is part of our Air Force culture. In accordance with this philosophy, we have been streamlining everyday processes across the Air Force, and Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century is a program focused on continuing
  • I am an Airman

    We, the Air Force, have an identity crisis. I vividly remember my first day as a Professional Military Education instructor. On that day, everyone stood up and introduced themselves to their classmates with the typical, "Hi, my name is Bob and I'm a crew chief." Each student stated his or her first name and Air Force occupation. Then came the final
  • Keeping perspective

    Welcome to the holiday season. We made it through the busiest shopping weekend of the year and I just heard on the radio that Nov. 27, the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, was dubbed Cyber Monday. It's the first Monday back from the Thanksgiving break where many who have access to a high-speed Internet connection can catch the last minute
  • Self-improvement - A lifelong concept

    Self-improvement or continuous learning goes beyond advanced academic education and career field training courses. Self-improvement involves making an effort to learn something new and testing our abilities to overcome challenging obstacles. Additionally, in today's "Information Age," everyone must continuously train to remain skilled at the latest

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