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  • Find a way to read

    One of the universal tips to increase your knowledge base and support your cognitive health is to read books — not skimming Facebook, Reddit or your preferred news source, but books.
  • Leadership is more than a title. It is a way of life

    Leader, manager and boss: What do these terms mean, and how do they affect those around them?A boss is typically a person who gives orders and expects them to be carried out in any way necessary to get the job done. This is usually done with little to no supervision. A boss may not take the time out of their day to know and understand the people
  • From Thule to the moon

    As I sat down to write my commander’s commentary, the question I had most in mind was, “What could I write that the Airmen of the 21st Space Wing would find interesting?” I could write an article on the core values, put together something on lessons learned after a year in the Artic, or give my thoughts after a year in command.  One of those would
  • Do not let driver fatigue disrupt your summer travel plans

    Summer is quickly approaching. Though, it may not seem like it here in Colorado, this means many of us will be spending extra time behind the wheel as we drive to vacation destinations, recreational activities, and social events. Driving with little sleep erodes our ability to operate a vehicle safely as the miles add up. Though driving fatigued may seem harmless, it can have very devastating consequences. Do not let yourself become just another statistic in the drowsy or fatigued driving category.
  • The right attitude while making it better

    When the opportunity arose for me to provide commander’s commentary to be published after I head off to my next big adventure, I was equal parts excited and terrified. Would the Knights of the 21st Space Wing laugh at my self-deprecating humor? Is it possible to get fired after my change of command?  What could I write that might translate across
  • Memorial Day Commentary

    Knights,As we commemorate Memorial Day this weekend with friends and family, I ask that you take time to remember and reflect on our brothers and sisters who have paid the ultimate price defending the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation. Their legacies cement the importance of wearing our nation’s cloth with dignity and respect.Memorial Day
  • AtHoc and You

    As the first Regionalized Command Post, the Colorado Springs Regional Command Post is a very robust and busy operations center. We support activities across four installations covering five wings and roughly 23,000 local members.As the focal point for information flow from first responders to commanders and the community, we constantly aim to excel
  • Six Healthy Self Care Tips

    In my opinion, one of the most profound concepts of self-care is echoed each time I fly on a commercial airline, “Place your oxygen mask on first before helping others.”For many of us, we task saturate our lives in order to ensure those who rely on us are taken care of. Although those closest to us take priority in our lives, we can only help
  • Point Three Percent

    Last month, years of hard work and dedication came to fruition for 667 active duty enlisted Airmen. That was the number of individuals selected to make the transition from the enlisted ranks and join the officer corps. Only two of those 667 or 0.3 percent selects were senior master sergeants. As one of those two selected, I truly feel that being

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