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  • Special Needs Dependents

    There are many military members that have a dependent (or dependents) with special needs.  “Special needs” is a term that usually describes someone that has a physical, emotional, behavioral or learning disability. Sometimes it is not just children born with disabilities, but can also be an unfortunate accident or debilitating occurrence later in
  • Wing Embraces CSAF’s Vision with New Flight Leadership Course

    In August 2016, Gen. David Goldfein wrote a letter to Airmen emphasizing squadrons as “the beating heart of the United States Air Force; our most essential team. We succeed or fail in our missions at the squadron-level because that is where we develop, train, and build Airmen…” Developing, training, and building Airmen should start on day one, but
  • The evolution of U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity program and the role of the Air Force

    During the spring of 1963, the world watched as demonstrators, particularly in deep southern states in the U.S., were beaten, attacked by police dogs, sprayed with high-pressure water hoses, and then arrested and jailed. The sight of this kind of brutality against peaceful demonstrators, including children, outraged Americans at home and tarnished
  • Are you ready?

    Are you ready?Imagine that it’s 3:30 p.m. local time on a Friday and you’re looking forward to a rare treat, some down time over the weekend. It’s your time to catch up with the family, take care of some needed tasks at home, have fun with friends, and maybe get a little sleep. Things are winding down at work as everyone is getting ready for the
  • Silent Night… Watchful Night

    If you ever want to fully appreciate the definition of the word ‘silent,’ take a walk after midnight on Christmas Eve. More than any other time of year, the world is quieter, more peaceful and more serene. This past Christmas Eve, I took the opportunity to take a walk around Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station to visit our Airmen and civilians on

    Have you read a dark book lately? Watched a dark or scary movie? Had a bright idea? Or come up with an enlightening thought? In English, dark images are often perceived negatively, while light means something positive and uplifting.
  • We can choose resiliency

    Often in my work as the director of psychological health, I encounter Airmen seeking assistance in dealing with major life changes. Some of these changes include divorce, medical issues, financial issues and unwanted career changes like medical board separations and retirements.  Typically, in these situations Airmen can see themselves as “broken”
  • Set Goals, Not Resolutions in 2019!

    Every year, we set resolutions for the new year – the most popular resolutions include losing weight, paying off debt, saving money, exercising more, and quitting smoking. While we select these resolutions with the best of intentions, most New Year’s resolutions are forgotten and left to the wayside by upcoming spring. Why is this? According to
  • What does it really mean to be a Wingman

    Having served now for almost two decades I can say that the philosophies and training associated with being a Wingman have not really changed. At least twice a year, we come together as organizations and discuss the four pillars of Comprehensive Airman Fitness (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Social), deep-dive into the warning signs of depression or in severe cases suicidal ideations, and engage in a sport or fellowship activity to end the day. The training is designed to facilitate open dialogues so our past experiences can translate into lessons learned making us better wingmen. The training sessions are helpful, but what happens between those focus days? How do we care for each Airmen and properly react to their needs during the remaining 363 days in the year? I argue THAT is the real definition of a Wingman, the constant culmination of daily connections and the small acts of kindness show how we care for our brothers and sisters. What follows is the best example I have ever seen.
  • Uncertainty

    "We are facing…a security environment more complex and volatile than any we have experienced in recent memory." - 2018 National Defense Strategy Undoubtedly, we are operating in an uncertain strategic environment which exacerbates operational and tactical uncertainty. Leaders must be ready to execute through a wide range of outcomes. Just as our

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