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Media Relations

Space Base Delta 1 is a non-public news gathering forum and requires all civilian media to have entry authorization and an escort prior to entering the base. Unless otherwise arranged, all media will enter the installations via the visitor center.

Media interested in covering SBD 1 activities should call (719) 556-5185 or email P-SGAR.PA.P-SGARPAPAFB-SAFB@us.af.mil to arrange for an escort and for detailed information regarding upcoming media opportunities.

The office has a 24-hour on-call PA representative who can be reached through the Colorado Springs Regional Command Post at (719) 556-4555.

Community Relations

The SBD 1 Public Affairs office conducts tours for military groups whose visit fills a mission requirement and civic leader groups that want to learn more about what space-based capabilities the base delivers to warfighters. Tour groups must not exceed 40 personnel.

To request a tour, download the Community Relations Tour Request form. Please fill out the form electronically and send it via email to P-SGAR.PA.P-SGARPAPAFB-SAFB@us.af.mil.

To be approved, tour request forms must include an attachment listing the full names of the visitors attending.

Website Feedback

For website feedback or to request further information please contact P-SGAR.PA.P-SGARPAPAFB-SAFB@us.af.mil.

Points of Contact

SAPR Crisis Line
   - Peterson SFB: 556-7272
   - Schriever SFB: 567-7272
   - p_sgar.cvs.wf@us.af.mil
   - Peterson SFB: 556-4871
   - Schriever SFB: 567-5050
   - p_sgar.ja@us.af.mil
Inspector General
​   - p-sgar.igq.igcomplaints@us.af.mil
Equal Opportunity
   - Peterson SFB: 556-7693
   - 21sw.eo.wf@us.af.mil
   - Schriever SFB: 567-5311
​   - 50sw.eo.workflow@us.af.mil
Crimestop/Law Enforcement
   - Peterson SFB: 556-(HELP) 4357 
   - Schriever SFB: 567-6464
21st CES Customer Service
   - 21ces.customerserv@us.af.mil
21st Medical Group
   - Patient Advocate: 556-1060
Commander's Action Line
   - p-sgar.cc.actionline@us.af.mil

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