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9th Combat Training Squadron

9th Combat Training Squadron former 750th Operations Support Squadron

9th Combat Training Squadron former 750th Operations Support Squadron

The 9th Combat Training Squadron is a component of Space Delta 9 – Orbital Warfare, headquartered at Schriever Space Force Base, Colo.


The 9th CTS is the sole training element responsible for generating combat-ready space forces for DEL 9's orbital warfare, protect and defend mission. The 9th CTS enables the DEL 9 commander to prepare, present and fight the delta.  The "Giants" of the 9th CTS provide world-class qualification, upgrade, currency, continuation and advanced training of DEL 9 personnel and ensures DEL 9 orbital warfighters develop and maintain combat mission-readiness for all Space Delta 9 weapon systems.  Additionally, the unit is responsible for DEL 9 training guidance and documentation, as well as training facilities and resource operations, advocacy and management. 

The 750th Operations Support Squadron was originally constituted as the 50th Depot Repair Squadron, U.S. Army Air Forces on Jan. 31, 1942, at Duncan (later, Kelly) Field, Texas. The squadron was later disbanded on April 1, 1944, but on Jan. 1, 1992, it was reconstituted and re-designated as the 750th Operations Support Squadron at Onizuka Air Force Base (later, Onizuka Air Force Station), California. The 750th OSS was inactivated on June 23, 1997, prior to its reactivation at Schriever AFB on June 19, 2020.

As part of the U.S. Space Force structure change, as of July 24, 2020, 750th OSS was assigned to DEL 9. 

On July 26, 2021, Schriever AFB was renamed Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado.

On Feb. 9, 2022, the 750th OSS was re-designated as the 9th Combat Training Squadron, remaining within DEL 9 at SSFB.

(Current as of February 2022)